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Nora Daragjati

Project Designer

  • Location:

    Jacksonville, Fl, United States

  • Experience:

    30 Years in the construction industry.


Tel: (+1) 904-652-4030
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Nora Daragjati


Nora brings three decades of invaluable experience in the construction industry, making her a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of its intricacies. With proficiency in all aspects of the trade, she possesses a diverse skill set that encompasses every facet of the construction business.

Nora’s expertise shines particularly in the architectural design realm, where she consistently delivers innovative and captivating designs. Her keen eye for detail and creative flair have earned her a reputation for excellence in this field. Moreover, she adeptly leads the financial operations of the office, ensuring sound financial strategies and prudent decision-making.

Nora is committed to driving the growth and success of our business. Her strategic vision, combined with her extensive knowledge of the construction industry, enables her to effectively navigate challenges and seize opportunities. With her leadership and dedication, Nora plays a pivotal role in propelling the company forward.