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Amber Daragjati

Real Estate Sales Associate

  • Location:

    Jacksonville, Fl, United States

  • Experience:

    15 Years in the construction industry


Tel: (+1) 904-233-0155
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Amber Daragjati


Amber Daragjati is a driven and accomplished professional with a strong background in real estate and business management. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, she is deeply rooted in the community. Amber holds a double major in finance and Business management from the University of North Florida, demonstrating her dedication to education and acquiring a comprehensive skill set.

With her expertise in real estate, Amber plays a crucial role in handling all aspects of the business. Her knowledge and experience in the industry make her an invaluable asset, ensuring smooth transactions and excellent client satisfaction. Alongside her proficiency in business management, she effectively navigates the complexities of the market and provides strategic guidance to optimize results.

Amber’s commitment to professionalism, integrity, and exceptional customer service sets her apart. Whether assisting clients in buying or selling properties, she consistently goes above and beyond to meet their needs and achieve their goals. Her strong work ethic, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills make her a trusted partner in the real estate process. With her, you can expect a seamless experience and expert guidance throughout your real estate journey.